About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You the Best Quality Cultural and Education Experience

Dreamtime Explorers is a community based Aboriginal business in South West Sydney, which creates opportunities for Aboriginal people to connect, teach and also engage communities through a range of workshops and programs to build cultural awareness and connection to the community within NSW.  

Our goal is to teach and educate new generations and future generations about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing.

We educate a range of early childhood educators, community workers and businesses to celebrate diversity and embrace Australian culture and heritage.

Our Company

Dreamtime explorers goal is to provide opportunities for Aboriginal Artist, Elders and indigenous/ Torres Strait people to be actively involved in the teachings and connections with services, as part of the business model.  Dreamtime Explorers will be working with communities all around NSW and it is important to embrace mobs/tribes to participate and actively pass knowledge, traditions and experience to those in early education of children.

Our objective is in line with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural competence for the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF, 2009). Our aim is to build cultural awareness and competence and understanding and also the importance of connection to land, waters, and community and spiritual beliefs as a core for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity

The programs, workshops and community engagement we offer, are to build cultural awareness and connection to community, by teaching new generations and future generations  about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing, so the culture is not lost in time.

Our logo and its meaning

It’s about our elders  walking together with others and teaching them  the ways  for cultural awareness, traditions , breaking down  barriers and teaching all future generations to come on the beauty of dreamtime and their stories

Education, Learning and Belonging

  • Aboriginal  story  time,  music time,  play  and  embracing Culture.   
  • Teaching Aboriginal art 
  • Talking about the importance of culture, belonging and using art to express emotions and cultural journey.
  • Didgeridoo time with the children, claps sticks and talking about a story from the dreamtime.
  • Exploring reptiles( Coming shortly) – bearded dragons, blue tongue lizards, pythons and turtles, and the connection with land and animals (totems).  Society was built around religion and spirituality. Baiame was the creator and gave the laws for behaviour and custodianship of the land.
  • Tailored for – Long Day Care, Family Day Care, Pre School, Out of school hours care, Play groups, NAIDOC Week  and Stalls/ Fairs. 

What we offer

  • Aboriginal Early Childhood Education workshops
  • Educating children in a fun and caring environment to build cultural awareness and teach Educators.
  • Staff Cultural training and connection
  • Cultural Awareness training for staff about ways to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture into everyday practices in line with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).
  • Consultancy on compliance and building community engagement through a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)
  • Helping overcome the barriers in the Aboriginal community with Elders, consultation and working partnerships
  • Reptile Parties/ Events – A birthday party or event is only made special when you get to experience a range of reptiles and some native birds up close and personal.(Coming shortly)
  • Traditional Aboriginal Australian Art- Authentic Handcrafted, Burnt or painted( Clap sticks, Boomerangs, Didgeridoos, Coolamon and message sticks.

Our Team

Dreamtime Explorers offers an educational  experience for Early Childhood Services, while exploring Aboriginal culture and perspective.

All Team are professionally trained and qualified to deliver Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander concepts with an emphasis on the hands-on learning experiences. 

All our Team have Further education in child development, Aboriginal Culture, Working with Children(WWC), Police Check and Dreamtime Explorers has $20 million Public Liability Insurance.

We come to you and implement the lesson plan that suits your needs for children and Educators .

Edward Feuerstein

General Manager- Edward is a descendant of the Wiradjuri Tribe from the Young/ Riverina Area.

Terry Lane

Aboriginal workshop Facilitator , Didgeridoo Teacher and Artist. Baiame Art- Terry is a descendant of the Wonnarua Tribe-( Hunter Valley) and Dharawal Tribe from Cronulla Area.

Nikeeta Haverfield

A Strong 22- year -old Aboriginal woman, who is an Artist and also a teacher in Aboriginal contemporary art.