The Team

Our Creative Arts Team

Dreamtime Explorers work with a range of Artist and continue to employ further Aboriginal Artist in collaboration, to promote a future of working together for one nation from many tribes.  All Aboriginal artists have  different styles, concepts and a story to their art, which reflects their Tribe and life story.   Each artist specialises in their own field and creates traditional and contemporary art. 

On many occasions Traditional artefacts will be created by Edward or Terry by wood from Wiradjuri and Dharawal Lands and then painted by Nikeeta, which allows it to come alive. All Art has been numbered, Story of the meaning of its creation and details of the artist listed on it.  All Art is made in Australia by Aboriginal people, who are Descendants of Aboriginal tribes  within NSW and Australia.

Please feel free to review each profile of each Artist, their experience  and story, which all art can be purchased under the Tab- ” STORE” – Merchandise or their Individual sites.

Our Goal is to build future employment for Aboriginal Artist and to create a better future for our future Generations to come….A Story , A future, all by a Yarra( Talk).   

Terry Lane - Wonnarua Tribe(Baiame Art)
Edward Feuerstein JP- Wiradjuri Tribe (Dreamtime Explorers)
Nikeeta Haverfield (Aboriginal Artist - (TeekArt )